Pain in your lap!

Neck and Back Pain Caused by Laptop Use

It’s winter time here in Silicon Valley.  Although desks are great for productivity, the lure of grabbing your laptop and getting some work done in bed is stronger than ever. We get it, getting out of bed or that cozy spot  on the couch  is hard, but that  comfy position ends up putting strain on your back and neck resulting in unnecessary pain.

When working under these circumstances you are often sitting with your laptop in your lap, this positioning results in a hunched over posture that leaves your spine unsupported. The repercussions of long term Untitledexposure to this position includes neck, back, shoulder, arm, and wrist pain. This pain can affect many parts of daily life including your sleep. Daily Mail reported a study done by the British Chiropractic Association indicated that “research shows that nearly half (48%) of people can’t sleep due to back or neck pain but technology could actually be exacerbating the problem”.

When working seated with your laptop it is important to remember to place a firm pillow to support your back, raise the screen so that it is at eye level and to take a break every 20-25 minutes to stretch or walk around. If you are feeling some pain before you reach for medication make sure you read our post on meds vs. spinal manipulation. Ergonomics can make a world of difference for relieving and preventing day-to-day pain, see what our partners SF Custom Chiropractic wrote on how ergonomics can help.

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Meds vs. Spinal Manipulation

“Ouch!” Maybe you were pulling some weeds in the garden, unloading the groceries, or picking up your child out of the car’s child seat.  Or maybe you just woke up one morning in pain and couldn’t move your neck or back.  You’ve injured yourself and need treatment.


The Likelihood of Surgery

There are many dangerous risks and complications that can occur with surgery including pain, infection, anesthesia effects, blood clots, operation failure, and more.  So why are so many people skipping safe and effective conservative care and going under the knife?  Unfortunately for most people, it is simply not knowing their options and doing what they are told by their medical doctor who has not considered conservative care before invasive treatments.


The Killer Painkiller Epidemic

By now you must have heard about the growing drug crisis in the United States on what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is calling “the worst drug epidemic in history.”  Painkillers are being prescribed, ingested, and abused at a frightening rate with opiod-related deaths reaching an annual 17,000 per year and rising, and hospitalizations due to opiod addiction quadrupling from 2007-2010.  One of the main issues is the lack of education and utilization of evidence-based alternative health care.


Back Hurts? See our Chiropractic Physician First!

Everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.  That risk is increased for some more than others depending on factors such as genetics, poor posture, diet, exercise, work habits, sleep,  stress levels, and injuries.  Some will experience severe back pain, while others may experience minor aches and pains – a weary sign that there are underlying issues.


What is Text Neck?

Look around at the people in public, at work, and even in your home. Chances are you will see cases of text neck, people tilting their heads downward to look at their electronic devices. Now you might be saying, “Everyone does it so what’s the big deal?” As seen in the image below, the greater the angle at which you tilt your head downward, the more weight and strain is placed on your neck/cervical spine. Repeating this over time can lead to neck pain, spinal degeneration, headaches, pinched nerves, and arthritis. You may also experience inflammation and tension in your muscles. (more…)

Tips To Relieve Back Pain Between Chiropractic Adjustments

It throbs. It aches. It sends sharp pains to your legs. Does any of this sound familiar? Back pain is experienced by millions of Americans. It does not discriminate either. Whether you have an office job or a warehouse job, you may have experienced acute or chronic lower back pain. We all know chiropractic can improve your body mechanics, easing your pain. But what should you be doing in between those visits? Read on and we will explain what tweaks you should be making…   (more…)

Chiropractic: Fact vs. Fiction

What do I need to see a chiropractor for if I have a primary physician? I already take medicine for my pain management. I’m scared of receiving the adjustments… will it resemble a wrestling smackdown? Enough! Let us set the record straight about chiropractic.


Scoliosis & Chiropractic Treatment

Everyday, as we carry out our daily lives on two feet, our bodies are constantly working to keep our spine straight and aligned. However, if our spine and disks are asymmetrically loaded, asymmetric degeneration can occur and a lateral curvature may develop which leads to or progresses scoliosis. Scoliosis is diagnosed to a sideways spine curvature (often in a “C” or “S” shape) when said curvature is greater than 10 degrees.  (more…)

The Scoop on Anti-Inflammatory Diets

The 411 on steering clear of chronic inflammation

Today we would like to touch on what may be a new topic for some people, and for others may be something they live with every day: the battle of chronic inflammation.  (more…)

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are treatments that work well for all the members of your family. During pregnancy these disciplines can be greatly enjoyed as prenatal care when the added strain on the spine and restricted movement can lead to pains in back and also to fatigue. At Restoring Health & Wellness we can offer efficient and professional postpartum care, and if it should be needed we also have the skills to deal with pediatric issues.


Therapeutic massage is among the oldest of the healing arts. It is found in all civilizations from ancient Egyptian and roman times to present day spas, health clubs and wellness centers. Hands-on techniques are used to manipulate the muscular structure and soft tissues of the body. It helps the body’s own mechanisms for healing itself. There are several styles and techniques, and each has its own focus.


Training helps individuals assess their level of physical fitness and help them work toward a personal fitness goal through proper exercise instruction and personal motivation. The 5 classic components of fitness are muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility, although there are other subsets like power and speed that can be implemented as well.

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